After his father was sent off to prison and his mother's OD, Lloyd was thought to go down the same path as his father by running the streets and living a life of crime, that is until he is adopted by the only other person to ever care for him as his father did; his best friend’s grandmother. 


As a young black man living in the hood, Lloyd saw first hand how the system tore families apart as a plot to oppress his people and get rich off of their labor, so he threw himself into his school, graduated early, and went on to college to become a defense attorney. Now he only handles cases of black men that society counts out like drug dealers, king pins etc..


Ma'Rhya has been his best friend since grade school. She moved in with her grandmother after her father was murdered and her mother was sent to prison. After having her father die in her arms she's since lived with the motto that Family is Everything and she will protect them at any cost.


But when a case goes bad for Lloyd and Ma'Rhya becomes distracted, shit starts to fall apart all at once. Lloyd is forced to try to keep his life in one piece on his own. How far are you willing to go to prove Family is really everything.

The Cover Story

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