Pampered, privileged and Diva certified, Secret has grown up knowing the game and her position in it. Being the daughter of a boss and the granddaughter of a Legend, she lives her life in Secret (no pun intended). With the sweet soft melody of her voice and the hypnotizing sway of her hips she lives for the attention of always getting what she wants.


But what could a girl who has it all possibly want?.. A Bad Boy! And sometimes a bad boy may be good to you but deep down he’s still a bad boy, and all it takes is for a bad boy to make one bad move.


In the streets there’s a hierarchy to the game as well as the money, drugs, power and respect that comes with it. Those at the bottom will do anything to make it to the top, that includes to lie, steal, cheat and kill. Those at the top know that the lifestyle doesn’t last forever but could one bad move bring an entire Empire down?


How long can you keep a Secret?

My Mother's Daughter

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