Damar’ry is somewhat of a celebrity and very well known. He’s the kind of guy that can get a girl to drop her panties just by showing up. He meets one woman who makes him question whether he should be committed or not. But to be with her he has to jump through hoops and he is not in town for the circus.


Nachey is very different than the women most men come across in their lives. She isn’t pressed to be someone’s eye candy. She’s had her heartbroken by a crazy ex who still wont let her move on with her life. She does miss the touch and feel of having a man but if it’s her heart and body that made the last man crazy, she wants no parts in love or lust!


Miller has been about his money since he was a youngin’, hustlin’ day in and day out to get the lavish lifestyle he is now accustomed to. But someone on his team wants their cake and his cake too. By the code of the streets that’s punishable by DEATH.