It's been over a year and Nachey is finally able to head back home. Patiently waiting to be reunited with the love of her life has consumed every second of her thoughts. But life has so many twists and turns that you should know life doesn't necessarily work out as you envision it. Damar'ry has been completely broken after losing Nachey and his unborn child. This is the only woman he has ever loved and he is left without feeling after losing her. But seeing someone that you've been mourning for over a year is like seeing a Ghost and by now decisions that have been made in that absence may cause turmoil in your future. Daemarie has felt so alone without Nachey around and her brother turning to alcohol to cope with her problems. It feels like going through life without anyone to be there for you and that can prove to be too much for a high school girl and her judgement to make the right decisions. There are factors involved that no one could see coming. Factors that the average person could not just bypass for love. Will LOVE prevail? Or are things better they way they are?

LOVE Again

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