With her Mother gone and her Grandfather semi out of Retirement the streets have been testing the Mob because someone needs to have the crown. Legend thinks Secret is not quite ready and Secrets thinks it’s a quarter passed go time. But sometimes we ourselves don’t know that we are not ready until we are forced into situations that define our abilities.

            Legend can see the drive in Secret since the incident with her Mother but she doesn’t understand that the lifestyle of the Mob is not one that can be taken with a grain a salt, sometimes you gotta take certain things with two shots of Whiskey if it calls for it.

            Still young, pampered, and privileged, Secret has become one of the biggest targets in the Midwest, there’s always complications when it comes to Sex, Drugs and Love.

            It is not until your back is against the wall that you know who you are and who on your team is Solid.

A Legend's Granddaughter

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