Abandoned by his father..

Neglected by his mother..

Calib has just been trying to survive.


For the most part he’s been beating the odds with little to no help from his semi-absentee mom. Even with the cards stacked against him Calib still just wants to be loved and accepted by the one woman who is supposed to love him unconditionally.


But when he walks into a bad situation he is forced to react off instinct. It’s in a man’s genetic make-up to protect the ones he loves, even if they don’t love him back.


A split decision landed him in prison, holed up with murderers, thieves, kidnappers and kingpins, prison is no place for a child. But you can only remain a child for so long in an environment like that.


Not quite a man but no longer a boy Calib quickly gains rank after being taken under the wing of an inmate where he quickly turns from Prey to Predator.


Inside those walls you do what you have to do, to survive, that’s how you justify your actions but being back on the outside, you do things by choice not force. His lifestyle was okay when he was by himself but then ‘SHE’ comes along.


And because of HER, he’s backed into a corner. Back to the Chess game to protect his Queen.

.45 Caliber

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